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jenny bouren, shop owner

Hello,  I am the owner of this online wellness shop, Faith Hemp and Love.

My husband Aaron and I are "sun seekers", which is our fancy way of saying we spend our winters in SWFL and our summers in New England. We have an infant son, Zac, and a Yorkie, Clooney, who join us on our travels.

In my free time, I enjoy sipping on a nice glass of wine, indulging in a sweet treat, cooking, and attending theatre and concerts.

When Aaron first told me about his plans to start a CBD business, I have to admit I was a bit hesitant. But once I learned more about the many benefits of CBD and even tried it for my anxiety, I became a believer. Now, I am inspired by the idea of offering high-quality CBD products and decided to open Faith Hemp & Love.

My shop offers NAYSA Brand CBD products, which are of the highest quality and have a great track record. My mission is to provide our customers with the best CBD products and excellent customer service.


Thank you for choosing Faith Hemp & Love!

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